Commodity Export Company Commodity Export Company was founded in South Africa in 2009 by a group of innovative and experienced people all with a logistics background, who wanted to put the human element back into the logistics process. With branches in West-Coast/Cape Town, Pretoria/Gauteng and agent representation in Durban and the rest of the world, we have ensured that we cover all our clients' national as well as international import and export bulk and containerised, needs. Commodity Export Company has various niche services that we offer to our clients: Our Commodity Trading and Logistics division is an integral part of our future growth. With dedicated and experienced staff in all provinces, we ensure peace of mind that delivery of your precious cargo will be on time. We have successfully moved Chrome ore, Iron ore (magnetite, hematite), Copper cathodes, A, B and C grade Coal, Coking Coal, Lead, Manganese ore in bulk as well as containerised for our clients We have also successfully executed the location and then sales of Green fields, where after we assisted the owners to equip the mine for production purposes. Commodity Export Company has partnered with long standing experts  within the shipping industry, which allows us to offer the bagging and packing of their commodities for exports as well.  Thus we collect cargo on bulk at mine/supplier we move such cargo/commodities to our warehouse for packing purposes where we supply the Bag for the Bagging Purposes as well. Once the bagging has taken place we containerise cargo for export purposes. We have close relationships with mine owners and sellers, government departments and buyers, which ensures that deals are concluded in an honest and direct contact manner. Our containerised division for all your shipments, big or small, imports or exports, air or sea are well handled by our vast team of experts in all City centres. Commodity Export Company has agents' agreements in most countries to ensure the best personal service all over the world.  Our network of agents is growing constantly to keep in line with the demands of our customers. In a growing world, we are most excited about our specialised commodity division and vast African experience and network for all cargo.  We have an integrated network of warehouses, rail and slot facilities available to us, for the benefit of our clients. We are currently moving cargo (imports/exports) whether bulk or containerised to and from South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, South West Africa and on a very large scale to Angola. Other products such as Fluorspar, Tin Ore, Zinc Ore has also been moved in smaller bulk shipments down to port of discharge (POD) where it was containerised for export purposes. Commodity Export Company  has their own specialised branches at country borders as well as the sea ports and airports to assist your cargo being cleared smoothly and on time. 
commodities plural of com·mod·i·ty (Noun) 1. A raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee. 2. A useful or valuable thing, such as water or time. logistics plural of lo·gis·tics (Noun) 1. The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. 2. The organization of moving, housing, and supplying goods and equipment.
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